The Collective Liberty model involves four main action areas:

1. Breaking Down Silos. We work to increase trust and create space for collaboration through multidisciplinary and multi-jurisdiction trainings, serving as objective facilitators and trainers.

2. Elevating Local Heroes. We identify and connect people who want to work together towards disrupting trafficking networks – ensuring they are operating in culturally-nuanced, victim-informed ways.

3. Thinking Outside the Box. We work to bring in groups that have historically not been considered major change-makers in the fight against trafficking, and we create market disrupting resources and tools that are tailored to produce sustainable results based on survivor voice and the lived experience of the field.

4. Challenging the Narrative. We seek to help the public gain a more nuanced understanding of the different types of trafficking and counter false or sensationalized narratives in media and entertainment that legitimize behaviors and views that contribute to trafficking.