Rochelle Keyhan is the Chief Executive Officer of Collective Liberty and the 2018 Thomson Reuters Foundation Stop Slavery Hero. She develops and executes the organization’s strategic direction and collaborations focused on disrupting specific types of human trafficking, including recruiting and maintaining robust collaborative networks of law enforcement, agency stakeholders, and service providers. Her team analyzes national trends and best practices, creating comprehensive trainings and resources to help facilitate the effective and systemic eradication of trafficking in the United States.

She was formerly the Director of Disruption Strategies, at Polaris, a department she designed to shift systems to disrupt trafficking in the United States. Before joining Polaris, Rochelle spent six years as a prosecutor of gender-based violence crimes in Philadelphia, where she is bar certified to practice law. She also previously served as director of the non-profits Feminist Public Works and HollabackPHILLY (while a founding board member of Hollaback!). As an Assistant District Attorney, Rochelle championed the need for increased investigation and prosecution of human trafficking in Philadelphia, successfully prosecuting the first two trials herself. Her approach to prosecution involves a perpetrator-focused process that centers the victims, limiting added trauma while maximizing survivor empowerment. Her non-profit work on gender-based violence emphasized systemic approaches toward sustainable culture shifts to end gender-based violence and insecurity.

Veronica Buckley is a founding board member of Collective Liberty, primarily serving as a subject matter expert and the intelligence expert for the board. She formerly served as the Intelligence Analysis Manager at Polaris with the Disruption Strategies team. As Intelligence Analysis manager she researched and analyzed different types of human trafficking, providing actionable intelligence and analytic insights on national trends to internal leadership and strategic partners. In that capacity Veronica created the most comprehensive open-source data set on a specific type of trafficking in the nation, receiving commendation letters from NYPD, Texas Senate, and a formal motion of commendation in the Texas House and Library of Congress.

Ms. Buckley has professional experience in both the public and private sectors, where she worked closely with law enforcement and other government officials. In addition to her anti-trafficking efforts, she spends her time navigating DC traffic and enjoying quality time with her dogs, family, and friends.

Gabrielle Massey Attorney General Assistant District AttorneyGabrielle Massey is a prosecutor in the major crimes division of the Texas Attorney General’s office, and a founding board member of Collective Liberty. Prior to joining the Attorney General’s Office, Gabby was a felony prosecutor with the McLennan County District Attorney’s office for over seven and a half years. She was the first chief prosecutor of the Special Victims Unit, which prosecutes all human trafficking cases, as well as child sexual abuse, serious bodily injury to child victims, and felony family violence criminal cases in McLennan County. She also supervised civil attorneys who represent the State of Texas in child protective services and protective orders. In her time with the McLennan County District Attorney’s office Gabby prosecuted approximately 100 felony criminal trials including the first human trafficking jury trial to be tried in McLennan County.

Prior to returning to her native Waco and joining the DA’s Office Gabby was a criminal defense attorney in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex for five years. Since being a prosecutor, Gabby has trained Texas prosecutors, law enforcement, and probation officers, as well as spoken on child abuse, human trafficking, family violence and prosecution in the community and state wide.

Meghan CartonMeghan Carton is a founding board member of Collective Liberty, primarily serving as a subject matter expert on policy and strategy. Mrs. Carton has over a decade of experience with government and public service. Most recently she served as a specialist at the Polaris Project where she focused on working with city and state legislators to craft new or updated legislation to target business loopholes that allowed trafficking venues to flourish, training over 500 regulatory enforcement officials on improving cultural competency and spotting/reacting to potential trafficking situations, and raising community awareness about this issue by providing print and video media interviews.

Mrs. Carton currently works at Ernst & Young where she serves as a management consultant, focusing on issues of Diversity & Inclusion. Mrs. Carton is also a passionate Crossfit athlete and works to connect the Crossfit community, including those athletes that are in law enforcement, and Collective Liberty.

Anna Hernandez is a founding board member of Collective Liberty, and brings 10 years of experience working in the philanthropic and non-profit sector, where she has worked for private and family foundations as well as for a global nonprofit.  She currently works at the Walter and Elise Haas Fund in San Francisco, California where she is responsible for operational process improvement and grant impact analysis.  She previously worked at Business for Social Responsibility, Inc where she created and improved the organization’s grant management processes and systems, ensured compliant and efficient reporting of grant projects, and integrated grant management needs within the organization’s broader operational tools and processes.