CBS news, washington dc in front of the capitolCollective Liberty staff are nationally renowned and internationally recognized, having been cited in over 100 print, radio, and television media outlets. We endeavor to share or cede the mic with our frontline field partners, and are happy to make those connections as well. To reach our team or field partners, email

Collective Liberty is committed to shifting narratives around human trafficking and helping news media tell rich, solution-oriented stories. Our experts help journalists build data-driven stories based in field-gathered intelligence and our own data and intelligence work.

Our field partners, who are engaged on the front lines holding traffickers accountable and connecting survivors to support, provide journalists with firsthand accounts of their work. We elevate local frontline heroes and connect journalists directly to local actors who are on the ground implementing and scaling national and global best practices.

INTERVIEWS: Collective Liberty experts can provide thoughtful perspective on:

  • Systemic inadequacies at the root of human trafficking in the United States.
  • Solutions to address public policy, business regulation, law enforcement, and service provision gaps.
  • Effective strategies to disrupt slavery and trafficking in the United States across public and private sectors.
  • Steps that are needed to expand the reach and effectiveness of the anti-slavery movement worldwide, including collaborative best practices.
  • National legislative trends and analysis across regions and states.
  • National data and intelligence trends and best practices across the 25+ types of trafficking in the United States.